Your Edmonton Private Golf Guide

Ryan Debler


Edmonton, known for its scenic river valley and vibrant urban landscape, is also home to some of Alberta's finest private golf courses. These exclusive clubs offer not only pristine fairways and challenging greens but also a sense of community and luxury.

Here’s a closer look at the top five private golf courses in the Edmonton area that every golf enthusiast should know about.

  1. Edmonton Country Club

Location: West Edmonton

Established: 1896

As Alberta’s oldest golf club, the Edmonton Country Club boasts a rich history and a stunning course layout that has matured beautifully over the decades. Nestled along the North Saskatchewan River, the course offers breathtaking views and a challenging yet enjoyable round of golf. The club prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and exceptional service, making it a premier choice for golfers seeking both tradition and luxury.


  • Historic clubhouse with elegant dining options
  • Regularly hosts prestigious tournaments
  • Well-maintained, tree-lined fairways and strategic bunkering
  1. Blackhawk Golf Club

Location: Spruce Grove

Established: 2003

Designed by the renowned Rod Whitman, Blackhawk Golf Club is a modern gem in the Edmonton golf scene. This course is known for its immaculate conditioning and beautiful natural setting along the North Saskatchewan River. Blackhawk offers a challenging layout that tests all aspects of a golfer's game, with rolling fairways, strategic water hazards, and undulating greens.


  • Rated as one of Canada’s top golf courses
  • Exclusive membership with a focus on a pure golf experience
  • Beautiful, serene environment away from urban hustle
  1. Windermere Golf & Country Club

Location: Southwest Edmonton

Established: 1957

Windermere Golf & Country Club combines a picturesque setting with a meticulously maintained course, providing members with a premier golfing experience. Situated along the river valley, the course features a variety of hole designs that incorporate the natural landscape, offering both beauty and a strategic challenge.


  • Newly renovated clubhouse with modern amenities
  • Strong junior golf program and family-friendly atmosphere
  • Stunning river valley views and diverse wildlife
  1. Royal Mayfair Golf Club

Location: Central Edmonton

Established: 1922

Royal Mayfair Golf Club, located in the heart of Edmonton, is one of the city’s most prestigious and historic courses. The club is known for its top-tier facilities and a course that offers a challenging yet fair test for golfers of all skill levels. With lush fairways, well-placed bunkers, and fast greens, Royal Mayfair provides an exceptional golfing experience.


  • Host of several national championships
  • Exclusive, high-end membership with excellent amenities
  • Convenient location close to downtown Edmonton
  1. The Derrick Golf & Winter Club

Location: Southwest Edmonton

Established: 1959

The Derrick Golf & Winter Club is more than just a golf course; it’s a year-round family-oriented athletic club. The golf course itself is a beautifully maintained, challenging layout that caters to golfers of all levels. With a variety of other facilities including tennis, swimming, and fitness, The Derrick offers a well-rounded experience for its members.


  • Comprehensive athletic and social facilities 
  • Strong community and family focus
  • Beautifully landscaped course with a variety of hole designs

The Edmonton area is home to some of Canada’s finest private golf courses, each offering unique experiences and exceptional amenities. From the historic elegance of the Edmonton Country Club to the modern sophistication of Blackhawk Golf Club, there is something for every discerning golfer. Membership in these clubs not only provides access to top-notch golf but also a chance to be part of a vibrant, exclusive community. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the sport, these private clubs offer the perfect setting to enjoy the game and build lasting relationships. 

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