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The capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, Edmonton is a charming place to call home. Surrounded by breathtaking wilderness and well-known for its cultural and historical sites, Edmonton is perfect for professionals and families alike. Whether you adore the outdoors or are hip to the city scene, there’s something for everyone in Edmonton. As of September 2022, according to wowa.ca, Edmonton real estate experienced a slight increase in single-family home sales to an average closing cost of $463,050. While the housing market in Edmonton is still strong, there are steps that you can take to improve your home and augment its value to avoid any future slumps and register among the top listings in your area. Read on for some simple yet effective changes that you can make to increase your home's value.

Interior improvements

Before beginning any home improvements, consulting with a professional who can give you solid ideas for small changes that can have a substantial impact is essential. A professional decorator or contractor can help you define small spaces, coordinate living areas, and make the most of the space that you have in your home. Homestars is an excellent resource for finding a reputable professional to help you get started.

Spruce up your space with a fresh coat of paint

According to experts, superficial changes (like a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper) impact buyers more than extensive renovations. Upgrading a room with a new coat of paint instantly adds a look of freshness and brightens the area, leading to a more alluring appeal.

Take steps to make your home energy-efficient

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Upgrading home appliances to those labeled with Energy Star and installing new energy-efficient windows and a smart thermostat can reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. These are equally compelling reasons for buyers to take an interest.

Invest in updating your kitchen and bathrooms

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Bankrate.com reports that most buyers are immediately interested in your kitchen space. Buyers are looking for modernized kitchens, so focus on appliances and the best use of space for the room, including cabinets, pantries, bar seating at the counters, and storage space. Installing a water filtration system in the kitchen is very popular and is a small luxury that’ll appeal to many buyers. With bathrooms, simple updates like painting, replacing showerheads, and updating the lighting can increase buyers' interest.

Visually increase how large your home seems

HGTV.com reports that simply creating the look that your home has more area will attract buyers’ attention. The visual space of your home, or how large it feels, can be increased by adding shelving, vertical blinds, oversized mirrors, and decluttering. Nothing shrinks the feel of a house like too much clutter.

Consider finishing those unfinished spaces

Having a finished basement and other finished areas can be important when determining your home's fair market value. While you don't have to renovate the room completely, adding drywall and flooring can create potential areas for the buyer to expand the living space.

Exterior extras

Don't underestimate the value of a beautiful home exterior. Most homebuyers will judge your home before they even walk through the door based on the appeal of your home's exterior and property highlights. However, a few minor improvements to doors, windows, and your yard can give your home that extra appeal buyers will be drawn to.

Focus on your home's curb appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing prospective buyers see. Thankfully, according to Bankrate.com, simple fixes like power washing your driveway, washing the windows, freshening your walkway, mulching, and adding new plants and shrubs can improve your home's value without much effort. In addition, make sure your lawn is mowed and any toys or outdoor appliances are stored out of sight.

Invest in new exterior doors

Consider installing a front door that makes a statement, either by color or design, and back doors that encourage movement from the main house into the backyard. Bankrate.com states that upgrading your garage door to one with a character that matches and enhances your home will increase curb appeal. Be sure to upgrade your home's exterior color scheme to match any updates you make with exterior doors.

Hire a professional landscaper

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According to HGTV.com, having a neat and professionally landscaped lawn will instantly grab a buyer's attention. Backyards where you can entertain easily, have a stunning garden, or have a beautiful exterior pool are also popular options.

Re-imagine your roof

According to experts, replacing your roof is an excellent option if you have an older home. A new roof is a considerable incentive for prospective buyers. Also, consider the color of your shingles. If you have a brightly colored house, use darker-colored shingles. Remember that lighter-colored shingles show wear and tear more easily than darker shingles.

Add exciting exterior lighting

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Exterior lighting is essential for adding ambience to your home. For example, soffit lights will highlight your home's design, ground lights can draw attention to trees and gardens, and porch lights make your home more welcoming.

Get set to sell

You've made the right improvements to your home; now it's time to put it on the market.  According to The Edmonton Journal, Edmonton's real estate market is strong, with luxury home sales priced over $1M since the beginning of the year. The Edmonton Journal reports that 65 luxury properties sold at $1M or over, an increase of 38% over last year's numbers. In addition, since working from home has become a staple, many professionals who would otherwise live in the big cities are choosing Edmonton real estate for its beauty and luxury.

Selling your Edmonton home will be an easy transaction. With hot trends like virtual tours, videos, eye-catching brochures, and extravagant launch parties, Ryan Debler is prepared to assist you in selling your luxury Edmonton home. Ryan collaborates with premium brands and exclusive partners such as Porsche and Fairmont Mountain Resorts to bring you the utmost in luxury real estate sales. When you're ready to list your home, contact Ryan Debler for expert experience and local knowledge.

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