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Home staging is a crucial element of the home selling process, particularly in a competitive real estate market. A beautifully staged home can attract potential buyers, make them feel more emotionally committed to the property, and result in a higher sale price. However, many homeowners struggle with correctly staging their homes, and these home staging tips can help get you started. Take a look at these actionable steps to help you effectively stage your home for a successful sale.

Start with a clean home

One of the most critical steps in staging your home is to start with a clean slate. This means deep cleaning all areas of your home, from the floors to the light fixtures. Once your home is clean, you can start decluttering and removing personal items to create a neutral and inviting space for potential buyers. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service if needed, as their attention to detail can make a difference. You may even remove all your belongings and start with an empty home for a complete staging transformation.

Clearly define the purpose of each room

One common mistake homeowners make when staging their homes is not defining the purpose of each room. This can confuse potential buyers and make it harder for them to picture how they might use the space. To avoid this, clearly define the purpose of each room. If you are using an extra bedroom as a home office, stage it as an office rather than leaving it empty or having a bed, desk, and workout equipment in the room.

Watch how many items are on the floor

Too many items can make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming, which is not the vibe you want to give to potential buyers. Limiting the number of items on the floor can create a more open and spacious feel to each room. This doesn’t mean you need to completely clear out your space, but rather be mindful of what items are taking up valuable floor space and consider alternative storage options.

Hanging lights or mounted shelves can make rooms seem larger

Another effective way to make rooms appear larger and less cluttered is by hanging lights or mounted shelves. These fixtures provide function and can be used as decorative elements to add style and appeal to a space. They elevate items off the floor, making the room feel more open and taller. Consider installing floating shelves in the living room to display decorative items or adding pendant lights instead of floor lamps to create a focal point.

Don’t over-stuff bookshelves

A common mistake people make when staging their homes is over-stuffing bookshelves. While it may seem like a good use of space, a cluttered bookshelf can detract from the room’s overall look and feel and make buyers feel like the home lacks storage. Instead, try styling your bookshelves by incorporating a mix of books and decorative items, such as vases, artwork, or picture frames. This helps create a balanced and visually appealing display while also allowing showcasing useful storage.

Keep a modern design that is not too specific

As you stage your home, keeping a modern design in mind that is not too specific is essential. Avoid trends that may be outdated in a few years and instead opt for timeless elements that will appeal to target buyers. This could include neutral color schemes, simple furniture, and minimal decorations. When selling a home, it is about the buyer’s desires. Keeping a modern but adaptable approach to staging increases the chances of attracting interested buyers and securing a successful sale.

Vegetation can be used as décor

Don’t forget the impact that vegetation can have on a space. Adding fresh flowers and potted plants to each room can bring life and color to the space, making it feel fresh and bright. Just be careful not to go overboard with plants; you don’t want the space to feel cluttered or too busy. Choose a few statement plants and incorporate smaller ones throughout the room for balance. Indoor vegetation can also help the indoor and outdoor spaces feel connected.

Don’t forget to organize and stage small spaces like closets

When staging your home, every space counts, no matter how small. Small spaces, like closets, can be a major selling point for a home if organized and staged correctly. One tip is to maximize the use of space by using hanging organizers and shelves to store items. This will help declutter the space and show potential buyers that the closet is spacious enough for their belongings.

Spend time on the exterior and entryway

Now that we have covered some interior home staging tips, it is important not to neglect the exterior of your home. Prospective buyers may not even make it inside if the outside of your home looks unkempt or uninviting. Curb appeal is crucial, so some easy ways to enhance it include adding potted plants or flowers, power washing your driveway, front porch, and sidewalk areas, and freshening up your home’s exterior paint or door color if needed. Ensure your lawn is mowed and any overgrown landscaping is trimmed back to keep your home tidy and well-maintained. You can paint your front door, add a rug, and make the house number visible to create a welcoming entrance for buyers.

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